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The System manager is a specialist (group of specialists) responsible for the operation of the System and ensuring its operability. He analyzes the objects introduced to the System in accordance with the established requirements (see Appendix 2), populates The System  with the necessary users.

The complete list of activities permitted to the System manager is available in the table described in chapter 5.

At the stage of System setup, the System manager invites the first users and assigns them the necessary roles, can create user groups. Only the System manager is allows to add, edit a profile and delete a user with the Camera manager role or the System manager role. In the System, there may be several users with the System manager role, but all of them will belong to the root user group.
After setting up the System, the permissions to interact with users and user groups is preserved, but it is strongly recommended to bound these activities within the user (users) with the Group manger role.
The System manager is the key role, so the only System manager of the root group can not be deleted.

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